We are a multi-dimensional design firm led by Nicole Begrand-Fast, rooted in Western Canada, headquartered in Kelowna, BC. 

Specializing in commercial, residential and multi-family design, our body of work is as unique as the clients we represent.

What guides us

Let Life Lead

Focusing on the life that inhabits our spaces, we build immersive, sensory experiences that encapsulate an expression of our passion, energy and generosity.

Respect the Environment

We welcome the unique opportunities of the site environment to guide us. Working with nature and, using our intuition, we create a space inspired by its surroundings.

Hyper Personalization

We put emphasis on originality and are guided by our client’s needs and the unique opportunity each project presents. We don’t have a studio ‘house look’, for us, one size fits none.

Fluid Co-Creation

Together with our clients, we approach our projects in co-creation. We work to adapt, explore, and expand the work with the full suite of talent around the table, allowing the best ideas to lead.

Design First

Design is about solving problems, not embellishment. Through design principles, we look at each space to create a cohesive atmosphere. It’s fundamental to our approach to understand how our clients will use a space and how they want to feel in it.

Disciplined Rigor

Our visions are only as good as the result of the execution. We are guided by the balance of creative thinking, design and the function of the space when it comes to the execution and build of our projects.

Invest in Relationships

We know the value that strong, tight-knit relationships bring to our projects and to the satisfaction of collaboration. High-touch care is the operational difference we prioritize within our firm.

Our Team

Founder and Creative Director Nicole Begrand-Fast

Nicole’s career spans over twenty years in the design world that began in the Prairies and became a thriving design studio in the Okanagan. She was raised in an environment of art, travel, language, and entrepreneurship which formed her love of culture, architecture, and art from around the world. Her wealth of experience, her business acumen and the fact that she’s just so likable, gives her the exceptional capacity to build long lasting relationships with her clients and the building community.

With a never-ending interest in exploring new directions in design, Nicole approaches every project with a new vision and ideas. This has cultivated a culture of creativity, innovation and collaboration, bringing the very best of her and her team’s ideas forward.

Nicole’s ability to create inviting, sophisticated spaces while diligently handling projects makes her and the BFD studio highly sought after.

Financial Controller Johanna Klingner D.BA

Johanna settled in the Okanagan after completing her Business Finance program in Ontario. Johanna pairs her expertise in organization and numbers along with a love for design and creative solutions, making her the perfect fit to oversee all business operations.

Her approachable calmness and grace have kept BFD running smoothly for the past decade.


Christa developed a lifelong passion for architecture as a young girl spending time in her father’s architectural offices in Kelowna.

Previously an art educator, Christa graduated from Parsons in New York, then began her design career in LA. Back in Kelowna, Christa’s multifaceted skill set allows her to build relationships with our BFD clients and consultants – all while empowering our team to push the boundaries of design.

interior designer Korynn Kroeskamp DID

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Korynn is a gifted designer with expertise across the disciplines of Interior Design, Graphic Design, Building Trades and Art. She utilizes her full skillset in our office focusing on commercial projects and sustainable building practices.

Korynn also teaches technical classes in 3D rendering, and hand drafting at her alma mater, CATO and is working towards completing her NCIDQ in the next year.

interior designer Tori Brownrigg BID, BA

Tori’s nomadic upbringing sparked a lifelong interest in people and how they live. Her experiences living in Southern California, Melbourne, and Chicago, have culminated in a refined aesthetic that she brings to every project.

Tori first obtained a BA degree before completing her Bachelor of Interior Design at BCIT.

Never not busy, Tori is also a wedding planner, teaches at CATO, and is working towards her NCIDQ.

interior designer Kei Diaz ADIC, BSc Mktg

Kei was born in the Philippines and has been in Kelowna since 2015, when she began her Diploma in Interior Design. A background in Marketing, a family history in construction, and a passion for photography allow Kei to approach each design challenge with rigor and pragmatism.

Behind Kei’s honest and calm manner is a relentless precision and informed tenacity which she applies to all her projects.

interior designer Cassidy Stober ADID, Well AP, Leed Green Associate

Born and raised in the Okanagan, Cassidy’s infatuation with architecture and interior design stems from her exposure to the construction industry from a young age. Cassidy graduated from the Centre of Arts and Technology with her Advanced Diploma in Interior Design.

With a love of learning, and interest in sustainability, Cassidy is currently working towards her NCIDQ and is an instructor at CATO.

Cassidy is currently on Maternity leave.

junior interior designer Alex Saric ADID

Alex is a BC girl who was born in the Lower Mainland and raised in the Okanagan. Alex started at BFD in 2022 right out of design school, learning the industry from an operational side by assisting designers. She has since moved into a design assistant position, where she works directly with designers as she hones her technical and creative skills.

Office Coordinator Dena Morin DBA

Dena relocated to the Okanagan from Northern Alberta. Pairing personality with a background in customer service and administration, her enthusiastic, get-it-done approach is contagious. When supporting the rest of the team, Dena brings an ease and confidence to any task or challenge at hand.


OHA Awards Home of the Year

Home of the Year

OHA Awards

Excellence in Bathroom Renovations

OHA Awards

Excellence in Single Family Detached Home.

OHA Awards

Single Family Detached Home.

OHA Awards

Excellence in Kitchen Design – New Home

OHA Awards

Innovative Construction/Architecture/Design for Commercial Design

Tommie Awards

Excellence in Residential Renovations

Tommie Awards

Excellence in Kitchen Renovations

Tommie Awards

Best Commercial Retail/Office

Tommie Awards

Excellence in Kitchen Design

Tommie Awards

Excellence in Bathroom Renovations

Tommie Awards

Excellence in Kitchen Design – Single Family Detached Home

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